TimeTracker Software

Let your time count

Information is power

How long does it take us to complete jobs and projects?
Is it possible to work with real data and not just with mere intuition?

Manage resources

In which tasks do we invest the most time and resources?
Are we always stuck in the same place?
Maybe it's time to fix it.

Detect and prevent deviations

Are there deviations in the budget?
An essential tool for decision making.

Involve your team

Does the staff participate in the timetracking process? Each professional is now responsible for the management of his or her time reports.

Display information

We want to monitor all our activity and, once the data is flowing, we will be able to manage, measure and improve our resources.

Make things easier

Easy entry of travel expenses for your team.
Clocking in and clocking out is easier than ever.

Time reports

ForTiming is a time tracking software that allows you to record and, therefore, control all the hours your team is investing in the services provided by your organization.

Not a single hour left unrecorded!

We all spend hours performing work and services for our customers. In a job where we do not know, for sure, how many hours we have invested, it will not be easy to know if it has been profitable or not.

Expense Notes

The expense notes functionality allows users to record expenses incurred in the course of their work, whether it was during a business trip or for any other reason.

Daily workday record

Now you can keep a daily record of the workers’ working day. Users will be able to record the time of entry and time of exit, thus being able to record the effective working day, ordinary hours and overtime, both for part-time and full-time workers.

Clock in clock out

ForTiming’s time tracking module allows the recording of the daily working day (time of arrival and departure of each employee) of our employees, as well as obtaining details of the clockings (IP, geo-location) . As of May 12, 2019 this measure is mandatory in Spain according to the Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of March 8, 2019 on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against precariousness in the working place. This information will be kept for 4 years.

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Tracking hours can’t be a burden. We have tried to make the user experience as pleasant and agile as possible.

  • Optimized for entering timesheets using keyboard shortcuts
  • Use of intellisense to find cost centers and projects
  • Effortlessly locate your activities and tasks
  • Access online help in case of doubt