ForTiming’s time tracking module allows the recording of the daily working day (time of arrival and departure of each employee) of our employees, as well as obtaining details of the clockings (IP, geo-location) . As of May 12, 2019 this measure is mandatory in Spain according to the Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of March 8, 2019 on urgent measures for social protection and the fight against precariousness in the working place. This information will be kept for 4 years. How does it work?

Key points

  • Strictly complies with regulations
  • Allows validation flows
  • Allows clocking information; exact time, IP, geo-localization
  • Supports different devices for clocking in and out

Access and interface

  • Windows App
  • WebApp (desktop view + mobile view)



  • The employee may record his or her workday manually or by punching in and out.
  • The records will be reviewed by a supervisor.
  • PC, cell phone and, in the near future, new clocking methods can be used for clocking in.
  • The clocking in will collect data such as time, IP and geolocation.

Daily record

  • Based on the theoretical schedule of each worker, he/she must validate the actual working day.
  • It does not require a clocking-in from a controlled hardware, only the validation of the worker.

PC-based registration

When the user enters the workstation, he/she should record that time. He must also indicate when he leaves for lunch, when he returns and when he finishes his working day.

From the PC

  • ForTiming can be configured to start automatically with Windows and record the entry.
  • When leaving, the exit will be recorded by means of a button.
  • The user’s data, date, time of entry, time of exit, IP and geolocation will be recorded.
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Signing on mobile

From the cell phone

  • The user, from the ForTiming WebApp, will click on Enter.
  • When exiting, the exit will be registered using the Exit button.
  • Registered locations (main office, customers, etc.) will be recognized.
  • User data, date, time of entry, time of exit, IP and geolocation will be recorded.
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  • The supervisor must validate the time record of the personnel under his/her charge.
  • If there is any record that he/she does not agree with, he/she can send a notification to the employee to review it.
  • The process is simple and easy to perform.


  1. Calendar and timetable management
    • A timetable detail has been added to add the entry and exit times.
  2. Configure the options
    • Registration or clocking in
    • Collection of clocking data (IP, geo)
    • Automatic clock in or clock out when fortiming starts
  3. Creation of groups
    • To facilitate configuration, an intuitive system of user groups with similar configurations has been created.


  • Working hours per employee.
  • Scheduled sending of reports by email.
  • Export to Excel and CSV of the information of hours.